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White Island Volcano – North Island New Zealand

Last year I had the opportunity to visit White Island, an active volcano of the North Island of New Zealand.  Although still classified as active this volcano is relatively settled and in areas you can just see traces of greenery struggling to grow against the sulfer.

Through the late 19th and early 20th century various attempts were made at commercial mining of the sulphur with the last attempts being abandoned in the 1930s.  All around the outsides of the main crater you can see ruins of abandoned accomodation, plant, and mining equipment.  The sulphur in the air having rusted and aged the equipment to look hundreds of years old rather than 70.

The smoke, the ruins, and the colourings really reminded me of what might be found inside Mordor in Lord of the Rings.  With that in mind I tried to process some of the images to feel like they had an old, antique, parchment feel.  The result is below.

The parchment outline was form here:

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