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Patong Beach Fishing Village – An Amazing Alternate World

When travelling I always love trying to soak up as much of the local culture as possible. On a recent trip to Patong Beach, Thailand, with my wife and some friends, I caught sight of an amazing little fishing village. Tucked into the side of the river bank it’s the riot of colour from the long tail boats visible as you go over the bridge that really catches the eye.

Accessible only by two flights of steep, narrow stairs, entering this village is like walking into another world. Gone are the ultra aggressive hawkers trying to sell you cheap rip offs, no-one’s badgering you for a took-took ride, and you’re not likely to find a massage shop. What you will find is an amazing friendly bunch of locals that seem to live completely oblivious to the hustle and bustle of life above them.

Walking around the village I was continually amazed by how much the locals loved to be photographed. This was something I was to find regularly about Thailand, it took very little persuasion to convince people to pose.  The village itself is obviously quite poor, but is amazingly clean with well tended gardens and walkways when compared to some of the sea gypsy villages.

I visited the village early afternoon and only a few of the boats were back. Try to visit later in the afternoon to catch more of these colourful boats moored around the village. I wanted to get back again before we left but had other tours organised.

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