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ADRA Logan Soup Kitchen – The Plight of Australian Pensioners

These aren’t travel photos but they sure do show a side of Brisbane / Logan that needs attention.  Heck it’s not even really just Logan, this is pensioners Australia wide.

A couple of years ago I shot these photos at a local soup kitchen for a college photography assignment.  Spring cleaning my Lightroom catalogue I just saw these photos again.  It reminded me afresh to be grateful every day for all the things I have and all everything I often take for granted.

I remember thinking at the time how crazy it is that Australians can work their whole lives, pay their taxes each and every year, and then reach a point in their retirement when they can’t even afford a weeks worth of food.  Yeah, sure maybe you can point to bad decisions or poor financial planning in some cases, but take the time to sit and talk to some of our pensioners that are really doing it tough and you’ll hear some stories that just make you cry.

PS: If you are interested in helping out you can contact ADRA or reply in the comments and I’ll give you the info.

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